Industrial Panel PC

CESIPC industrial panel pc is a industrial grade computer, it is widely used in manufacturing, processing control, logistics.

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  • Self-developed  motherboard
  • Fanless cooling system
  • Cable less design
  • Low power consumption
  • Highly compatible structure 
  • Board to board desgin
  • Moduler design
  • Rich I/O ports support customization
  • Dust and water proof IP65
  1. Durability and Stability: Industrial computers are designed to be durable, stable, and reliable, capable of operating in harsh industrial environments. They often feature qualities such as dust resistance, waterproofing, shock, and vibration resistance, making them suitable for various industrial scenarios.
  2. Wide Operating Temperature Range: Industrial computers can operate within a wide temperature range, including extreme high or low-temperature environments. This versatility allows them to function in environments like refineries, steel mills (high-temperature settings), as well as outdoors or cold storage facilities (low-temperature settings).
  3. Customization and Expandability: Industrial computers are highly customizable to meet specific requirements. They typically come with various expansion interfaces, enabling connections to sensors, actuators, and other devices, catering to diverse industrial application needs.
  4. Long-Term Stable Operation: Industrial computers need to operate for extended periods. They feature optimized cooling systems and stable power supplies to ensure consistent performance and minimize downtime.
  5. Real-Time and High-Performance: Industrial computers often handle real-time control tasks, requiring high-performance processors and real-time operating systems. This capability makes them suitable for applications in automation production lines, robot control, and similar fields where real-time processing is crucial.
  6. Remote Management and Monitoring: Industrial computers support remote management and monitoring, allowing remote diagnostics, configuration, and system updates over networks. This feature enhances maintenance convenience.
  7. Security: Industrial computers feature advanced security measures at both hardware and software levels to prevent unauthorized access and data breaches.

In summary, the application characteristics of industrial computers lie in their stability, durability, adaptability, high performance, and security features, making them indispensable components in industrial automation and control systems.

industrial panel pc

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