CESIPC Company Invited to Showcase Outstanding Solutions at the Third MES Martial Arts Conference

On June 6, 2023, starting at 9:00 AM, the grand Third MES Martial Arts Conference took place at the Jinling Hotel in Suzhou, Wujiang. CESIPC Company was honored to participate, and we extend our sincere thanks to the Chairman of the organizing committee, Mr. Pan Guohua, and his team for their hard work. During this conference, Mr. Pan Guohua and Mr. Du Rongbo delivered a captivating presentation titled “The Past and Present of the MES Martial Arts Conference.” CESIPC Company has been invited to attend for three consecutive conferences, bearing witness to the continuous growth of the event, from the first edition with just a few dozen participants to the second with 200 attendees and now the third with over 400 participants.

CESIPC Booth 1
CESIPC Booth 2

This conference delved deep into MES topics, exploring the key elements of digital transformation in manufacturing and the core aspects of transitioning from traditional lean production to digitalization. Simultaneously, we discussed the ups and downs of cross-industry development in the MES sector and shared typical challenges and solutions for enterprise smart transformation and digital reform. Notably, the closing roundtable discussion focused on the hot topic of “How Cloud MES Can Prevent MES Projects from Going Off Track,” exploring relevant solutions.

Group Photo of the Conference

As participants in this conference, CESIPC Company showcased our outstanding solutions in the MES application field. In particular, our UTC industrial tablets, TPC industrial panels, and UPC industrial computers, combined with MES applications, displayed remarkable achievements. At the conference, our products and MES-related applications received high praise from numerous customers. After our CEO, Mr. Zhang, shared information about our products and MES-related applications, many MES system integrators added our contact information, and customers visited our booth to inquire about MES application products. They expressed their intent to contact us in the future when they have hardware requirements for MES applications.

CESIPC CEO Mr. Zhang Presenting MES Case Studies

CESIPC Company will continue its dedication to research and development, offering innovative MES solutions to contribute to the digital transformation of manufacturing. We sincerely thank the MES Martial Arts Conference for providing us with a platform to share experiences, exchange ideas with industry experts, and establish closer partnerships with our customers. In the future, CESIPC Company will adhere to the principles of “innovation, cooperation, and mutual benefit” to provide our customers with superior solutions and services, jointly driving the digitalization of the manufacturing industry.

CESIPC Team Photo from the Event

About CESIPC Company: CESIPC Company is a leading enterprise specializing in the field of industrial automation, committed to providing advanced industrial tablets and industrial computer solutions for our customers. We have earned a strong reputation in the industry for our exceptional product quality and high-quality customer service. Whether in the digital transformation of manufacturing, MES applications, or other automation areas, CESIPC Company is your reliable partner.

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