Thank You for Visiting CESIPC at METALTECH 2023 in Malaysia

CESIPC recently achieved significant success at the METALTECH held in Malaysia, which brought important opportunities and fruitful results for the company. The exhibition took place in Kuala Lumpur from May 29 to June 3, 2023. CESIPC showcased their innovative products and solutions, including industrial panel PC, industrial PC, and waterproof industrial panel PC.

The company’s booth attracted a lot of attention from visitors and potential customers. Our team introduced our industrial motherboards and industrial pc the stable and reliable design principles based on the IDOOR concept. Our introduced detailed explanations of how our industrial pc are applied in real industrial environments and emphasized the distinctions between commercial mainframes and industrial computers. Our team also showcased case studies of satisfied domestic and international customers, demonstrating their ability to solve application challenges in various industrial sites in Malaysia.

CESIPC’s products and solutions received tremendous success and recognition at the exhibition. Malaysian customers showed great interest and admiration for their industrial computer products. The company received positive feedback from potential partners, and several companies expressed their willingness to collaborate. These partners highly appreciated CESIPC’s technical capabilities and product quality, expressing their desire for long-term cooperation. Following the exhibition, CESIPC engaged in negotiations with these companies, further solidifying their commitment and confidence in future collaborations.

Participating in this exhibition has instilled trust and recognition of CESIPC in the Malaysian market. The company has established a strong reputation, laying a solid foundation for future development. CESIPC intends to strengthen relationships with Malaysian customers and partners while focusing on delivering higher quality products and services to meet their evolving needs.

The company expresses sincere gratitude to all the visitors and partners for their support and attention during the exhibition. CESIPC is eager to establish long-lasting partnerships and explore potential business opportunities arising from the event. The company acknowledges the hard work and expertise of its team, whose professionalism and dedication have contributed to its positive reputation.

Moving forward, CESIPC will intensify collaboration with the Malaysian market. The company will maintain close contact with existing customers and engage in further business negotiations with potential partners. CESIPC will continue to enhance and innovate its products and solutions based on market needs and feedback.

With a commitment to research and development, CESIPC will remain focused on innovation in the field of industrial automation. The company will monitor global industrial trends and introduce new products and solutions tailored to market demands. CESIPC is confident that through continued cooperation with the Malaysian market, it will achieve even greater development and accomplishments in the region.

In conclusion, CESIPC expresses gratitude for the support and attention received, eagerly anticipating future cooperation and collaborative opportunities with the Malaysian market to create a brighter future together.

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