Product Specification for DTU Live Streaming Device – CESIPC TPC-0782B


DTU (Data Transfer Unit) is a wireless terminal device designed to convert serial data into IP data or vice versa, and transmit it over wireless communication networks. DTU is widely used in various industries such as news, weather, hydrology, and geology.

I. Traditional Live Broadcasting Scenario:

1.1 Traditional live broadcasting with Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicles.

SNG vehicles use satellite communication systems as transmission platforms. They are used by television stations and other news media organizations to collect video and audio signals from news scenes. After processing the signals within the SNG system, they are transmitted to synchronous communication satellites and then relayed back to television stations or news agencies’ headquarters. Television stations or news headquarters can directly broadcast or edit the content before airing.

1.2 Disadvantages of SNG Vehicles:

1.21 High equipment investment costs.

1.22 Requires a larger workforce.

1.23 Lack of flexibility.

1.24 Inability to access the first scene of unexpected news events.

1.25 Vulnerability to becoming a focal point of attention.

In such scenarios, the advantages of using the DTU Live Streaming Device (TPC-0782B) are evident. The DTU device can replace traditional SNG vehicles, utilizing public or private 4G/5G networks to address the challenges faced during unexpected events when SNG vehicles cannot access the accident scene. A cameraperson or news reporter can carry a camera and the DTU device, providing on-site tracking coverage and uploading real-time videos to the cloud. The edited content can then be distributed to television stations or news headquarters for live broadcasting.

II. CESIPC Product Solution – TPC-0782B:

CESIPC TPC-0782B is a DTU device designed for applications in sports events, sudden news events, and live streaming platforms. Its primary function is to transmit on-site audio and video via 4G/5G wireless communication networks.

2.1 Operating Principle:

Professional video recorders can connect to the TPC-0782B professional live broadcasting DTU through the SDI IN or HDMI IN interfaces. They transmit real-time video through 4G/5G wireless networks to a cloud server, where editors process the video data and distribute it to relevant television stations and other live streaming platforms.

2.2 Advantages of TPC-0782B:

2.21 Equipped with an HMI User Interface:

TPC-0782B features a 7-inch industrial-grade touchscreen display with multi-touch capacitive technology, providing a user-friendly human-machine interface. Customers can operate the device without the need for external mouse and keyboard connections.

2.22 Rich I/O Interfaces:

TPC-0782B comes with 6 SIM card slots, allowing simultaneous use of 4G/5G communication signals from different carriers. Additionally, it features 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1 USB 2.0 interface, 1 USB 3.0 interface, 1 SDI IN, 1 HDMI IN, 1 HDMI OUT, and audio ports. This facilitates the connection of professional camera equipment on-site and data storage and output.

2.23 Secure and Reliable Data Transmission Design:

Reliable transmission of professional live broadcast data is crucial. TPC-0782B has six SIM card slots, a group network antenna box, and three external 4G/5G antennas, providing multi-network aggregation and stability. This enables data distribution to the cloud for efficient video processing and ensures smooth video streaming.

2.24 Portable Design:

The backpack-style design of TPC-0782B makes it easy to carry and does not hinder the efficiency of news tracking teams.

2.25 Long Battery Life:

TPC-0782B is equipped with a 10,000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, offering up to 8 hours of continuous operation, making it ideal for extended outdoor live broadcasting.

2.3 In summary, TPC-0782B DTU Live Streaming Device offers the following advantages:

2.31 Low equipment investment costs.

2.32 Requires fewer personnel.

2.33 Offers advanced convenience.

2.34 Utilizes public or private 4G/5G networks for high timeliness.

2.35 Low data transmission latency.

2.36 Enables efficient cloud-based editing with no geographical limitations.

Note: TPC-0782B does not perform local video processing; it directly uploads audio and video content to the cloud. Therefore, the local hardware display requirements are not demanding, with TPC-0782B using an 800x480p display solely for local software configuration adjustments.