ITAP 2023 Exhibition Show

The Singapore ITAP2023 Exhibition, held from 18-20 OCT. 2023, emerged as a dynamic and groundbreaking platform that showcased the latest advancements in Information Technology and Automation. This annual event, hosted at the EXPO, attracted tech enthusiasts, industry experts, and businesses from around the globe, making it an epicenter for innovation, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, under the brand name CESIPC, CESIPC stands as a prominent industry leader, specializing in the design and global manufacturing of specialized industrial computers. With over 25 years of consistent and refined growth, CESIPC is at the forefront of innovation and actively contributes to diverse applications, including industrial automation, food and pharmaceuticals, emergency communication management, smart transportation, and smart energy. The company is renowned for its unwavering commitment to delivering tailor-made solutions to clients worldwide, setting a benchmark in customized computing solutions.

CESIPC’s triple screen portable rugged computer provides a hardware platform for the emergency frontline command system. The product integrates voice dispatch, video dispatch, video consultation, GIS map, and auxiliary decision-making (electronic map, information software, data analysis, intelligent analysis and recognition, etc.) It integrates other functions and adopts a mobile and portable design, which can complete the deployment and enter the working state in a short time, and establish a three-in-one emergency command system of “rear command center-front command-frontline team”. Create an on-site emergency command platform that is “visible, audible, able to command, and collaborative”, which solves the problems of diverse and independent on-site equipment, poor portability of equipment, complex connections, and high technical requirements for personnel, and greatly improves emergency command efficient. It provides a convenient platform for on-site information collection and reporting, effective control of developments, dispatch and command of rescue resources, and incident handling.

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CESIPC’s unwavering dedication to innovation and customization positions them as a global leader, providing solutions that are reshaping the world of industrial automation, emergency communication, transportation, and energy management. As the event came to a close, the future of technology looked brighter, with CESIPC leading the way towards a more efficient, connected, and customized world.

Stay tuned for CESIPC’s continued journey of innovation and excellence in the realm of specialized computing.

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