CESIPC Triple-Screen Computer: The Intelligent Tool for Emergency Command Systems

The year 2020 was destined to be an extraordinary year, marked by the outbreak of COVID-19, droughts, floods, earthquakes, and social unrest in Hong Kong. Natural disasters and human crises were a constant reminder of the numerous challenges the year brought. It was a year that emphasized the need for rapid response, timely coordination, and efficient on-site and remote command capabilities when unexpected incidents occurred. China’s robust emergency command system swiftly established temporary command centers on the frontlines, providing reliable data to the rear command centers, enabling precise and rapid response, and demonstrating the nation’s resilience.

Emergency command systems require seamless integration of hardware and software, and the CESIPC Triple-Screen Computer accomplishes this by integrating third-party software. This product combines voice dispatch, video conferencing, GIS mapping, and decision support tools (electronic maps, information software, data analysis, intelligent analytics, and more) into one portable design. It can be deployed and operational within three minutes, creating a “rear command center – front command post – frontline team” integrated emergency command system. This solution fosters a “visible, audible, controllable, and collaborative” on-site emergency command platform, overcoming challenges such as diverse and independent equipment on-site, poor portability, complex connectivity, and high technical proficiency requirements. It significantly enhances the efficiency of emergency command, enabling effective information collection and reporting, situation control, resource dispatch, and event resolution.

Hardware Solution Requirements
Emergency command systems demand strong mobility, environmental adaptability, multi-screen interaction, and the ability to deploy emergency command operations quickly while ensuring extended battery life.

CESIPC Emergency Command System Computer Hardware
A triple-screen computer with one machine used in emergency command systems, integrating third-party software and hardware. It is primarily used in mobile servers, mobile workstations, mobile monitoring stations, or emergency command centers. The three screens are integrated into a single unit, featuring three outstanding 17.3-inch high-brightness LCD screens. These displays support 1920×1080 resolution and offer brightness ranging from 700 to 1000 nits, ensuring visibility in sunlight. This design facilitates graphic processing, data analysis, and interactive multi-screen applications. Equipped with a high-capacity battery and a spare battery, it allows customers to rapidly set up various application scenarios.

CESIPC Emergency Command System Computer Hardware Specifications
Name Basic Parameters
System Parameters Processor I7-6700HQ (4 cores, 4 threads, base frequency 2.6GHz, max turbo frequency 3.5GHz)
Chipset Intel PCH QM170
Memory 16GB, expandable up to 64GB
Dedicated Graphics Card GTX1050
Storage 512GB SSD
Lithium Battery Capacity 3 hours at room temperature
Keyboard Industrial keyboard, touch mouse

LCD Screen Screen Type 17.3″ FHD TFT LCD * 3
Maximum Resolution 1920*1080
Maximum Colors 16M
Display Area 344.16 (width) x 193.59 (height) mm
Response Time 8ms
Backlight LED
Backlight MTBF 50,000 hours
Brightness 600cd/m2
Contrast Ratio 500:1
Pixel Pitch 0.297×0.297
Maximum Viewing Angle (H) 130 / (V) 120

I/O Interface Network Port 2 x 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 ports
USB 2USB 3.0; 1USB 2.0
Power Input DC19V
HDMI 3 ports

Customization Customizable Supports 4G full-network access; Supports WiFi 802.11ac; Supports a built-in camera in the middle screen (300W pixels)

Structural Parameters Protection Level Entire aluminum alloy construction, reaching IP53 protection level
Color Black
Overall Dimensions Reference dimensions 435372.7136.5mm (including protective corners)

Environmental Parameters Operating Temperature -10~70°C
Storage Temperature -20~70°C
Relative Humidity 10~95% at 40°C (non-condensing)
Vibration 50~500Hz, 1.5G, 0.15mm peak-to-peak
Shock 10G (11ms)

Operating System Full support for Windows 7/Win10/Linux System

Advantages of the CESIPC Emergency Command System Triple-Screen Computer

  1. Integrates the advantages of an upturned portable computer, rugged notebook, and portable laptop, achieving an IP53 protection level and stable operation in temperatures ranging from -10 to 70°C.
  2. Features an I7-6700HQ processor with a maximum turbo frequency of 3.5GHz, providing powerful processing capabilities.
  3. Utilizes a dedicated GTX1050 graphics card for outstanding video stream processing performance.
  4. Equipped with 1920*1080 industrial high-brightness screens (700-1000 nits adjustable) that remain visible in sunlight and can be adjusted to eye-protective mode at night.
  5. Enables interactive work on three screens, facilitating real-time graphic and data analysis at temporary command centers (mobile workstations).
  6. Provides three HDMI interfaces for rapid connection to LED displays, enabling rapid risk assessment and command dispatch at emergency command centers.
  7. Comes with a physical keyboard for data entry and retrieval at temporary command centers.
  8. Includes a SIM card slot for 4G full-network access and supports WiFi 802.11ac for mobile real-time communication.
  9. Incorporates CESIPC’s native intelligent lithium battery management technology, featuring a well-rounded crisis power supply mechanism for users.
  10. Offers a set of 10,000mAh spare aluminum batteries and a high-strength aluminum alloy suitcase to cater to various customer outdoor usage scenarios.

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