CESIPC Shines at China International Industry Fair, Envisioning Future Technological Innovation

On Saturday, September 23, 2023, at 4:00 PM, the curtains fell on the 23rd China International Industry Fair, marking the conclusion of a five-day extravaganza. Amid this event, Shenzhen-based CESIPC Embedded Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as CESIPC) once again demonstrated its outstanding prowess in the global specialized computing field. The exhibition brought together customers and partners from both domestic and international spheres to collectively explore the future of technology. The spotlight was on CESIPC’s innovative products, including CESIPC SmartLink Expansion Technology, IP67 Waterproof Industrial Computers, Handheld Tablets, and Three-Screen Portable Command Terminals, underscoring CESIPC’s leadership position in industrial automation, food and pharmaceuticals, emergency communication management, smart transportation, smart energy, and more.

CESIPC: Pioneering Industrial Computing

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, under the brand name CESIPC, CESIPC is a leading company dedicated to designing and manufacturing specialized computers globally. With 14 years of steady and mature development, CESIPC actively engages in applications such as industrial automation, food and pharmaceuticals, emergency communication management, smart transportation, and smart energy, providing highly customized solutions to customers worldwide.

As a standout player in the Chinese embedded industry, CESIPC boasts an independent R&D team and a modern manufacturing workshop, catering to diverse customer needs for batch production and customization. Years of business accumulation have enabled the company to launch a wide range of industrial motherboards and industrial control machine products with multiple series, sizes, high stability, and reliability.

Technological Innovation: CESIPC’s Relentless Pursuit

At this exhibition, CESIPC focused on showcasing four key highlight products, highlighting its technological prowess in the field of industrial computing.

CESIPC SmartLink Expansion Technology:

CESIPC SmartLink Expansion Technology is a revolutionary innovation that elevates industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 to new heights. Through seamless connectivity and intelligent control, CESIPC’s SmartLink Expansion Technology enables enterprises to achieve more efficient production and resource management, further enhancing the level of industrial automation.

IP67 Waterproof Industrial Computers:

The demand for working in harsh environments is on the rise, and CESIPC’s IP67 Waterproof Industrial Computers provide exceptional durability and reliability to users. Whether in adverse weather conditions, high humidity, or dusty surroundings, these computers remain stable, offering unmatched solutions to industrial clients.

Handheld Rugged Tablets:

CESIPC’s Handheld Rugged Tablets provide modern businesses with portable and efficient tools, enabling clients to accomplish mobile office tasks and access real-time data. The robust performance and stability of these devices make them the preferred choice for various application scenarios.

Three-Screen Portable Command Terminals:

In the field of emergency communication management, CESIPC’s Three-Screen Portable Command Terminals lead technological innovation. These terminal devices offer highly visualized information to emergency response teams, aiding them in better coordination and response to various critical situations.

Competing Alongside International Giants

CESIPC’s booth became a highlight of this industrial fair. We competed alongside international giants such as Siemens, Bosch, Intel, and Sanmina, attracting their staff and customers for visits. Moreover, we received consistent praise from many customers, affirming the outstanding performance and quality of our products.

Looking to the Future: Eagerly Awaiting 2024

Following the success of this fair, CESIPC will continue its unwavering pursuit of technological innovation, dedicated to providing customers with more advanced industrial computing solutions. We look forward to reuniting with our customers at the 2024 fair, where we will share even more exciting technologies and products.

In Conclusion

As a standout player in the field of Chinese industrial computing, CESIPC demonstrated its exceptional products and technology at the 2023 China International Industry Fair. CESIPC SmartLink Expansion Technology, IP67 Waterproof Industrial Computers, Handheld Tablets, and Three-Screen Portable Command Terminals bring forth new possibilities in the field of industrial automation. In the future, CESIPC will continue to lead the development of industrial computing, offering customers more innovation and efficient solutions. We eagerly anticipate reconvening in September 2024 to collectively explore the future of technology.


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