CESIPC Industrial Tablet Computers: Providing Hygienic and Reliable Solutions for Australian Dairy Processing Facilities

As the requirements for production processing facility environments in the Australian dairy industry continue to rise, ensuring the safety, hygiene, and environmental sustainability of the production process has become crucial. To meet these demands, CESIPC industrial tablet computers are applied in dairy processing facilities, offering hygienic and reliable solutions.

CESIPC waterproof industrial tablet computer products at a customer’s implementation site. The Australian dairy industry has strict hygiene standards, including the establishment of hygiene control points and critical control points to ensure a clean and hygienic production environment. To prevent cross-contamination and food safety issues, factories must implement rigorous cleaning and disinfection procedures. CESIPC industrial tablet computers feature IP65-IP67 protection levels, use high-quality industrial components, and employ a fanless design, allowing them to operate efficiently and stably in harsh industrial environments. This means they can withstand common cleaning processes involving cleaning agents and water, effectively preventing contaminants from entering the production environment.

CESIPC waterproof industrial tablet computer products at a customer’s implementation site. In addition to hygiene standards, quality control is an essential part of dairy processing facilities. Production processing facilities must establish effective quality control systems to monitor and control various aspects of the production process and ensure dairy products meet national and international quality standards. CESIPC industrial tablet computers provide stable and reliable computing power, equipped with high-performance processors to meet data processing and monitoring needs during the production process. They also feature corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel casings and waterproof aviation plug I/O interfaces, ensuring durability in demanding work environments.

Currently, the CESIPC industrial tablet computer series is widely used in Australian dairy processing facilities. The KLD-1061B is a 10-inch fully waterproof industrial tablet computer made of 304 stainless steel with an IP65 protection level. It is powered by a high-performance Intel Celeron Processor J1900 processor and comes with a five-wire resistive touchscreen, capable of operating within a wide temperature range of -10°C to 60°C. The PPC-G1561 is a 15.6-inch fully waterproof industrial tablet computer, also featuring a 304 stainless steel casing and an IP66 protection level, equipped with an Intel Celeron J1900 processor and an LED panel. The KLD-2182GA is a 21.5-inch fully waterproof industrial tablet computer with an IP65 protection level, powered by an Intel Core 7th generation low-power CPU, suitable for larger-scale production environments.

Dynamic demonstration of CESIPC waterproof industrial tablet computer’s stainless steel aviation plug.

Waterproof testing of CESIPC industrial tablet computer.

CESIPC industrial tablet computers are widely used by leading global companies and renowned enterprises in the meat processing, processed food, and dairy industries. They not only meet the hygiene standards and quality control requirements of the Australian dairy industry but also provide stable and reliable performance along with a durable design. By using CESIPC industrial tablet computers, dairy processing facilities can better control the production process, ensure product quality and safety, and provide consumers with high-quality dairy products.

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