Modular Design, Stability Upgrade

CESIPC’s iDoor technology brings a new upgrade to our products with modular design, the stability of the product has been significantly improved. The modular design ensures more stable and reliable performance.

Seamless Combination Of Touch Screen

About touch screens, we support multiple sizes from8 inch to 21.5 inch for seamless combination and docking. No matter how your application changes, we can meet your different needs.

Separate Design For Easy Maintenance

The unique split core design makes product assembly and maintenance even easier Convenient. The separation of the core board from the functional module board simplifies the maintenance process and lowers Low maintenance costs.

Highly Compatible Structure

The modular design of our CPU computing platform allows you to choose according to your needs choose different models of processors, such as Intel® Celeron®,7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7、10th Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7, etc. A variety of processor options to meet different computing needs.

Customize I/O Interfaces

In order to better meet the functional and performance needs of customers, we support fast customize various I/O interfaces, such as multi-network port, multi-serial port, multi-USB port, etc. This personalized customization to meet a variety of specific needs.

Strengthen The Heat Dissipation

Design, Cast Aluminum Alloy Molding In terms of heat dissipation, we use high-strength cast aluminum alloy molding to effectively improve the durability and heat dissipation performance of the product. Copper and aluminum integrated efficient thermal conduction ensures Smooth and efficient working environment.

Cable-Less Design

The unique cable-less design further enhances product reliability and stability. This design not only reduces the risk of cable failure, but also enhances reliability in use.

Upgrade Performance And High Compatible

Product upgrades are forward-compatible, making it easy for customers to replace with new advanced modules.This flexible upgrade method can follow the advancement of technology and extend the life cycle of the product time limit. No matter how the future changes, we will provide customers with ongoing support and excellent product performance.