With the advent of Industry 4.0, personalized customization has become the mainstream trend of the industry.However, the traditional approach to product customization is often accompanied by expensive development costs and unstable product performance, putting companies at risk. To overcome this challenge, CESIPC has led a revolutionary expansion technology (iDoor) innovation to provide customers with stable and reliable modular industrial motherboard solutions.

CESIPC intelligent expansion technology adopts advanced X86 architecture design and integrates PCle, USB, LPC and other bus ports, injecting new vitality into the industrial core motherboard. From diverse l/O requirements to complex Ethernet and system expansion, it is easy to meet the functional and performance requirements of a variety of harsh environments. In addition, the innovative technology of CESIPC Intelligent Connection not only meets the individual needs of customers, but also provides efficient and fast solutions with low development costs to ensure fast product delivery.
The expansion module board covers CAN Bus, isolated Rs-232/485/422,Modbus, PoE Lan, digital l/O and a variety of contact ports to meet the needs of various industrial automation, communication equipment and other fields.
iDoor technology brings flexibility, innovation and efficiency to industrial production, helping customers stand out in the fierce market competition!