CESIPC offers a wide range of efficient solutions to meet various industrial needs. These solutions include wastewater monitoring systems, subway recording systems, airport boarding bridge operation management, smart shared locker solutions, information technology construction for tobacco production lines, hygienic and reliable solutions for dairy processing facilities, and addressing safety requirements for energy storage equipment.

Furthermore, CESIPC provides intelligent solutions for emergency command systems, electrostatic coating industry, portable toll collection machines, parking management, and urban traffic issues. They also support urban traffic management through smart traffic electronic police and power grid reform with their IoT communication management devices. Additionally, they offer dedicated vehicle-mounted industrial displays meeting vibration and waterproof requirements and waterproof stainless steel industrial computers for harsh food processing environments.

In summary, CESIPC delivers high-performance solutions to a wide range of industrial applications.

Enhancing Efficiency and Safety – The application of the 10-inch Colrad industrial all-in-one computer in the electrostatic coating industry.
Emergency portable toll collection machine CTN-1580B resolves congestion issues.
Solving the parking challenges in residential areas with the assistance of the industrial computer IPC-606D in parking lot management.
Smart traffic electronic police: The tool to tackle urban traffic congestion.
Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things Solution: CESIPC’s IoT communication management device supports power grid reform.
Dedicated Vehicle-Mounted Industrial Display for Balancing Counterweight AGVs: Meeting Vibration Resistance and Waterproof Requirements.
Waterproof Stainless Steel Industrial Computer: Reliably Handling Harsh Environmental Conditions in Food Processing.