Intel Baytrail Celeron J1900 UPC-206A
Intel Baytrail Celeron J1900 UPC-306A
Intel® J4125 processor UPC-207DA
Intel 7 th Core I3/I5 CPU UPC-208A
Intel 7 th Core I3/I5 CPU UPC-308A
Intel 7 th Core I3/I5 CPU UPC-108C
Intel 10 th Core I3/I5 CPU UPC-209A
Intel 10 th Core I3/I5 CPU UPC-309A
Intel Baytrail Celeron J1900 IPC-606B-B

Modular Design, Stability Upgrade

Based on CESIPC’s iDoor technology, The UPC series adopts a modular design. The modular design ensures flexibility and performance stability.

Convenient Assembly And Maintenance

The internal construct is motherboard and functional board, this simple design makes assembly and maintenance change easier.

High Compatible Structure

CESIPC’s industrial PC is highly compatible structure, which can be compatible with different processor, include Intel® Celeron® J1900, Intel® 7th Generation Core™ Processors, Intel®10th Generation Core™Processors. Achieve a diverse combination of performance.

Meet Customization Requirements

In order to meet the different functional and performance needs of customers, we provide customized service, can quickly develop a variety of 1/O ports according to customer requirements.

Efficient Heat Dissipation, Rugged And Durable

Using high-strength cast aluminum alloy molding, copper and aluminum integrated high-efficiency thermal
conduction technology, Ensure the robustness and excellent heat dissipation performance of the industrial computer.

Cable-Less Design

The whole machines are cable-less design, this cable-less
desigh reduce the risk of failure and improve the reliability of the overall system.

Worry-Free Upgrades And High Compatibility

Product upgrades are forward-compatible, allowing customers to easily replace new highs level modules to maintain the modernity and sustainability of the system.