CESIPC Smart Shared Cabinet Solution: Innovative Solutions Meeting Industry Needs

As a leading hardware supplier for smart shared cabinet unlocking solutions, CESIPC has consistently dedicated itself to providing innovative technology and solutions for the new retail IoT sector. By aligning with industry requirements and market demands, we offer the following CESIPC Smart Shared Cabinet Solutions:

  1. Advanced Hardware Platform: CESIPC’s industrial computer IPC-606B is one of our core hardware devices. This industrial computer utilizes the Intel Celeron J1900 processor, delivering powerful processing capabilities and stability. Its fanless cooling design, dust and shock resistance features allow it to operate reliably in various harsh environments. The IPC-606B supports 4G communication and Wi-Fi functionality, enabling efficient data transmission and remote management capabilities for shared cabinets through comprehensive network connectivity, including 2G/3G/4G. Additionally, this industrial computer boasts a rich set of interfaces, including GPIO, USB, Ethernet ports, and display output interfaces, providing support for flexible applications and feature expansion for shared cabinets.
  2. Reliable Lock Control Board: CESIPC’s 32-channel lock control board is a critical component of our solution. Designed to industrial standards, this lock control board exhibits stable performance in high-temperature, high-humidity, and complex environments. It supports cascading control, allowing simultaneous control of multiple locks to meet the demands of large-scale shared cabinet systems. Collaboration with major Chinese express cabinet provider Fengchao validates the stability and reliability of the lock control board. Furthermore, we provide SDK protocols for our customers, enabling quick integration with various smart door locks, along with remote debugging technical support, facilitating the integration and management of shared cabinet systems.
  3. Secure and Stable Operating Environment: CESIPC’s smart shared cabinet solution can operate stably in a variety of environmental conditions. Both the IPC-606B industrial computer and lock control board exhibit wide temperature adaptability, capable of running continuously in a 7×24-hour fashion in temperature ranges from -20°C to 60°C or even broader. This ensures that shared cabinets can offer stable and reliable services in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments.

The advantages of CESIPC Smart Shared Cabinet Solution lie in its provision of advanced hardware devices, reliable lock control boards, and a secure and stable operating environment. These characteristics make our solution suitable for a wide range of shared cabinet applications, including government departments, the express delivery industry, smart storage cabinets, and intelligent file cabinets, among others.

CESIPC’s Lock Control Board
Our solution meets the industry’s demands for high performance, efficiency, and security in shared cabinets. With the powerful processing capabilities and stability of the IPC-606B industrial computer, users can achieve quick unlocking and remote management of shared cabinets. The stability and reliability of the lock control board ensure the safe opening and closing of cabinet doors, safeguarding the security of users’ belongings.

Furthermore, CESIPC’s solution offers flexibility and scalability. The IPC-606B industrial computer provides a wealth of interfaces for fast integration with various smart door locks and other devices to meet the requirements of different shared cabinet systems. The lock control board supports cascading control, allowing expansion to multiple lock control boards for large-scale shared cabinet deployments.

CESIPC Industrial Computer IPC-606B
In summary, CESIPC’s Smart Shared Cabinet Solution, through advanced hardware devices, reliable lock control boards, and secure and stable operating environments, provides an innovative solution that meets the industry’s demands for high performance, efficiency, and security. We are committed to providing our customers with dependable shared cabinet solutions, helping them succeed in the rapidly evolving smart shared cabinet market.

CESIPC implementing products for intelligent cabinets in the field.

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