Application of Industrial Panel Computer UTC-S1562A in Wastewater Monitoring System

With the rapid industrial development in China, wastewater discharge has become a significant issue for many industrial cities, leading to increasing pollution of urban surface water. To monitor urban surface water quality and wastewater discharge from pollution sources, various city environmental monitoring centers have established wastewater monitoring networks. One key component of this network is the online wastewater monitoring system, in which the industrial panel computer UTC-S1562A plays a crucial role.

The UTC-S1562A is a 15-inch industrial panel computer that utilizes CESIPC’s iDoor technology and features an Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900 embedded CPU. It has a modular design and excellent heat dissipation performance, making it reliable in challenging industrial environments. The front panel of this panel computer complies with IP65 standards, providing good sealing performance to resist corrosion, dust, and temperature fluctuations. It is widely applicable in industries like industrial automation, machinery manufacturing, CNC equipment, and power and energy.

The wastewater monitoring system primarily consists of monitoring substations, monitoring center stations, and management centers. Monitoring substations are set up at monitoring points near each wastewater discharge outlet, responsible for automatic sampling and online monitoring of wastewater. The industrial panel computer UTC-S1562A serves as the core equipment for these monitoring substations and possesses the following features and functions:

  1. Robust Data Acquisition Capability: The UTC-S1562A is equipped with a variety of I/O interfaces, including 6 USB interfaces and 6 serial ports (optional RS-485), enabling connections to various monitoring instruments and devices. It has a 15-inch capacitive touchscreen with excellent display quality and user experience, allowing real-time monitoring and data collection of wastewater flow rates, water quality parameters, and pollutant factors.
  2. Reliable Performance and Stable Operation: The UTC-S1562A uses a fanless cooling design and has a compact structure, ensuring stable operation in challenging industrial environments. It is equipped with an Intel® Celeron® Processor J1900 quad-core, quad-thread CPU, providing stable computing capability and processing speed to meet the requirements of data processing and real-time transmission in the wastewater monitoring system.
  3. Network Communication and Data Transmission: The UTC-S1562A supports multiple communication interfaces, including 2 LAN ports and HDMI+VGA display interfaces, allowing collected data to be transmitted to monitoring center stations via Ethernet. It also features a Mini PCIe slot, enabling optional 4G full-network access and Wi-Fi modules, expanding communication methods to ensure timely data transmission and reception.
  4. Durable Industrial-Grade Design: The UTC-S1562A’s housing is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, providing a high level of protection and durability to withstand harsh field environments. It also offers an option for a wide temperature working range, allowing it to operate normally in environments ranging from -40°C to 70°C, ensuring system stability and reliability.

By using the industrial panel computer UTC-S1562A as the core equipment for monitoring substations, the wastewater monitoring system can achieve automatic sampling of industrial and municipal wastewater, online monitoring of flow rates and major pollutant factors, and real-time insight into discharge conditions and pollutant totals. Through data transmission with monitoring center stations, the monitoring center can aggregate, organize, and comprehensively analyze the collected data, generate various reports, and supervise and manage businesses in a timely manner. The management center, in turn, analyzes and researches the monitoring information from monitoring center stations to make management decisions and strengthen wastewater discharge management.

In conclusion, the industrial panel computer UTC-S1562A plays a crucial role in wastewater monitoring systems. It possesses powerful data acquisition capabilities, reliable performance and stable operation, as well as a durable industrial-grade design. It enables the wastewater monitoring system to collect, transmit, and analyze wastewater data, providing essential support for urban environmental protection and helping achieve wastewater discharge monitoring and management objectives.

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