CESIPC Company Services

Pre-Sales Services:

At CESIPC, meeting customer needs is at the core of our operations. Our goal is to design and provide high-performance industrial computer products for each customer to meet the unique requirements of the industrial Internet of Things, thereby maximizing operational efficiency for businesses. We invest significant resources to ensure that our operations enable customers to benefit from our industry experience and professional expertise, and to enjoy the best service experience from our expert team.

We provide free pre-sales consultation services to our customers. Please feel free to contact our pre-sales advisors to discuss your requirements, and we will provide you with the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.

Pre-Sales Service Hotline:

Phone: 0755-85286061

CESIPC Customer Service Policies

Welcome to CESIPC Products and Services!

Please note that these service terms primarily apply to most cities in mainland China. Service policies for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and other international regions will be governed by CESIPC’s overseas and local service policies. Special configurations and custom products for the above regions and overseas are generally managed by integrators. For these products, these service policies apply.

I. Product Standard Warranty Information

1.1 Free Warranty Service Standard:

  • Product Type: Standard Models (Industrial Computers)
  • Warranty Period: 12 months
  • Service Method: Return for Service
  • Service Timelines: Within 5 working days during the warranty period, and within 10 working days outside the warranty period (repair and return)
  • Free service items during the warranty period: 24/7 technical hotline, phone support, online support, shipping service, nationwide coverage

Note: The warranty period begins from the manufacturing date. For products with integrated lithium battery packs, the warranty period is 6 months.

1.2 Warranty Certificate:

To facilitate product repairs, CESIPC uses the product serial number as the warranty certificate. Customers do not need to provide purchase invoices or warranty cards. Products without a valid warranty certificate will not be eligible for CESIPC’s warranty and service. Customers can check the warranty period using the product serial number through CESIPC’s customer service hotline, official website, official QQ, or by phone.

II. Service Methods

2.1 Phone Service:

CESIPC offers lifelong free telephone technical support services to customers. You can call our customer service hotline at 0755-85286060 and 13823732621. The hotline is available 24/7 and calls are recorded to ensure service quality.

2.2 Return for Service:

The return for service option allows customers to send machines or faulty components to CESIPC’s customer service repair center for repairs.

2.21 Scope of Return for Service:

Products and components manufactured by CESIPC are eligible for “return for service.” Before sending the product, please contact the hotline at 0755-85286060 or 13823732621, follow the instructions provided by the customer service hotline to obtain a “post-repair order,” and send it to the nearest repair center. If there is no repair center in your area, the product should be sent to the factory for repair. Whole machines, CPUs, hard drives, memory, batteries, etc., during the warranty period are not eligible for the return for service.

2.22 Return for Service Processing Time:

CESIPC commits to repairing and returning products within 5 working days during the warranty period, and within 10 working days outside the warranty period, starting from the moment the returned product is received. The repair cycle for externally purchased components is 30 days. If expedited repair is needed, please contact the repair center. Customers can check the repair progress via CESIPC’s hotline or official website.

2.23 Fees and Shipping:

In the case of return for service, shipping costs during the warranty period are covered by the sender. CESIPC’s customer service repair center uses the same or higher-level shipping methods as used by the customer when sending the product for return. If the customer chooses “freight collect” for shipping, CESIPC will request the customer to pay the shipping fee (or pay it together with the repair/material costs) before the repaired product is sent back. Shipping costs for return and forward during periods outside the warranty are borne by the sender.

2.24 Return for Service Re-repair Guarantee:

For products repaired through the return for service, a re-repair guarantee is provided for three months from the date of the shipping invoice, provided that the problem is the same and not caused by improper use or physical damage.

2.3 Shipping Service:

In cases of component failure or damage, and after CESIPC’s customer service center confirms that the customer has the capability to replace these components, the “shipping service” will be used. Details of the shipping service, such as arrival times, will be confirmed by CESIPC’s service engineers in coordination with the customer. Once the customer receives the replacement parts, ownership of the original faulty parts transfers to CESIPC. Shipping costs in the shipping service are borne by CESIPC, while the return shipping costs of the faulty parts are borne by the customer.

III. Reporting and Processing Procedure

3.1 Reporting:

Customers can report issues by calling CESIPC’s customer service hotline at 0755-85286060, using CESIPC’s official website, or using QQ for online reporting. Other reporting methods may result in delays or errors in communication. To ensure prompt service, it is recommended that customers use the reporting methods mentioned above to contact CESIPC’s customer service. When reporting an issue, please provide the product serial number and a description of the problem. Only reports that include the product serial number and a problem description will be considered valid.

3.2 Service Processing:

Upon receiving a customer’s report, CESIPC’s customer service center will arrange service based on the service methods provided by the product. We operate under the principle of “quickest and most convenient” to select the appropriate service center and method for the product, including return for service and shipping service.

3.3 Service Progress Monitoring:

CESIPC’s customer service center will track all service processes, including on-site progress, results, and cost settlement. Customers can check the service progress through CESIPC’s customer service hotline and official website. If customers encounter any issues during the reporting and service receipt process, please contact CESIPC’s customer service hotline.

IV. Damaged-on-Arrival Guarantee:

If customers purchase CESIPC component products or original complete machine products and discover appearance or functional issues during the first month after delivery, please contact CESIPC’s customer service hotline at 0755-85286060 or report the issue online through the official website to apply for the handling of damaged-on-arrival cases.

Note: Customized products are not eligible for new product defect returns or exchanges.

V. CESIPC Disclaimer:

The following situations are considered “physical damage” or “improper use” by CESIPC, and therefore, CESIPC cannot provide free repairs and services for such products. In these cases, customers will be required to cover additional costs for service, travel, and replacement parts, among others.

  • Abnormal power supply systems, poor grounding, failures, or product damage caused by lightning strikes.
  • Failures or damage due to improper use or maintenance, including but not limited to liquid ingress, external pressure, falls, corrosion, dust accumulation, and more.
  • Natural wear and aging of consumable materials (

such as batteries, casings, connectors, dust covers, screws, etc.), not following the “CESIPC Computer Lithium Battery Safety Usage Specification.”

  • Alterations to the product that result in changes to appearance and performance, including but not limited to drilling, soldering, applying protective coatings, and more.
  • Usage beyond the specification parameters agreed upon by both parties, resulting in product failure or damage.
  • Software failures (referring to non-CESIPC developed or customized software) leading to the product’s inability to function properly.
  • Unauthorized disassembly, alteration, label scratching, tearing, thread wear, loss, and external damage to components such as hard drives, power supplies, CPUs, memory, etc. CESIPC cannot provide free repair and replacement services in these cases, and customers will be required to cover additional service costs.

Contract for Equipment Testing:

To meet customer needs, CESIPC offers standard model equipment testing services.

I. For all standard industrial computer products on our company’s website, we offer a 30-day free equipment testing service.

II. For testing industrial computer products, customers are required to pay a deposit fee equivalent to the product’s value. During the testing period, no service fees will be charged.

III. During the testing period, if our products require technical support, you can directly contact our business personnel. If our business personnel cannot resolve the issue, you can escalate it to CESIPC’s technical support department.

IV. If quality issues arise during the testing period or if the product does not meet your testing standards, you can contact our business personnel and return the product. Once our company’s business department receives the product, we will apply for a refund from our company’s finance department and refund the full deposit to you within 72 hours.

V. If customers do not return the product after the testing period ends, our equipment testing contract will automatically convert into a sales contract. Our products are covered by the national “Three Guarantees” policy.

VI. If customers use the product improperly during the testing period or disassemble and assemble it without our company’s consent, resulting in product damage, the cost of repairs will be borne by the customer.