CLOUD EMBEDDED 2020 Annual Meeting -General manager’s Acknowledgment

Dear colleagues:

   Thank everyone to take pains to come to Hainan to participate in this CLOUD EMBEDDED 10th Anniversary annual Meeting;

   Thank department header sorted out data at night under such a heavy workload, provide a lot of valuable data for the meeting and provide a powerful reference for the operation of next year.
   Thank you everyone for making this annual meeting a complete success!
   Thank sales department again to provide a quality service!

   At the annual meeting, we all reached a consensus and unified our thinking. What’s more important is that we need to change and let these mechanisms really land. Our personal advancement represents the company’s advancement; the implementation of various mechanisms represents the company’s management level has reached a new level. I hope that everyone will have a deeper understanding of your work with the delivery system formed at the annual meeting.

   There has never been an overnight improvement. In the early stages of change, there will be resistance everywhere, and the pressure for change will far exceed the present. We must have this mental preparation to strengthen our convictions. When encountering difficulties, we must attach importance to this difficulty tactically, but strategically we must despise it and must overcome it. As long as you need it, the company will make every effort to cooperate with you, help you, and we will solve it together.

   In the 10 years of growth, CLOUD EMBEDDED has precipitated customers, developed products, and established the CLOUD EMBEDDED brand. But in this decade, the most important asset of the company is each of you. And it is these mechanisms that connect each of us together. In the final analysis, the competitiveness of the company is the efficiency of everyone’s implementation mechanism. The process of implementing and improving mechanisms is also the process of each of us to learn and improve.

   We believe that the company will become better and will eventually become better. In 2020, I believe that our various tasks will go smoother, efficiency will be greatly improved, less internal consumption, less inventory, more benign repayment, healthier cash flow, and the bottleneck will be completely broken! At that time we went abroad and had a different kind of annual meeting abroad.

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